Sunday, March 25, 2007

The website expands!

Sunset tonight over Kenny Lake and Mt. Blackburn

Lots of great new pages were added to the site this past week. I'd like to welcome all our new stores in Sharondipity's Shopping Mall (including my own!). We've got a lot of work left, not the least being putting out flyers describing the website, explaining the shopping mall plans, and expressing our hopes and goals for marketing at I've decided on three basic store formats depending on how much information you want on your page, and how to charge for additional pages on the sites that want to grow (adding new items and ebay auctions, etc.)

Tim Redington's newest dogsleds!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Springtime in Kenny Lake

Making lots of changes to the website. Added sections for every community in the Copper Basin, please be sure to email me any businesses that should be included on these pages. I will be travelling to as many of these communities as I can this summer to take pictures and interview Sourdoughs, but until then I'd still like to have as much info on these pages as possible. Also added many new Community pages that will provide additional information about local rentals, the fire dept, land for sale, and of course "government" and community economic and rural development.

The Merc is doing a preliminary plan to build a Kenny Lake Museum. I'm very excited and honored to be part of this. Thanks to Tim Redington and Bill Sutton for offering to donate and lend us portions of their collections for public display. Please look around your cabins and yards for things and photos you think would be of interest to visitors and locals both.

Lots of possibilities for marketing and expanding our web audience; there are more than a few ways to promote our Region on the web.