Thursday, February 22, 2007

Welcome to Kenny Lake Community Blog!

This blog was created by Niki Raapana (website developer for to provide a discussion/posting space for residents of the greater Copper Valley Basin. Here you can add yor "two cents worth" on any topic you feel like addressing. It's also a great way to share pictures and make announcements about your family, businesses, vacations or anythng else you'd like to share. Everyone is welcome to add comments.

Everyone is also welcome to join the blog as a contributor and I hope to see this list grow over the years to include someone from every villiage and town and road in our region. There are a lot of changes coming to this area of Alaska; this blog is your opportunity to keep up on what's going on around here.

Contributors must have or create a google account to upload posts to this blog. Please email me and put "contributor's account" in the subject line. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!


FishTaxi said...

Hi Kenny Lake! You are coming in loud and clear in Valdez.

Peace and lets fight!

Aunt Kathy

Mr. Kenny Lake said...

Interesting site, Nikki. Check with me anytime for true history of Kenny Lake. At your disposal is a life long Kenny Lake'r.

Untill next time!

Niki R. said...

Thank you Mr. Kenny Lake, and welcome to our blog! How do I find you? When is the "next time?"

The history of Kenny Lake is turning out to be a very different account than the one that's printed on all the govt. sites. Do you have any pictures too?