Sunday, April 1, 2007

Northern Lights and a Full Moon! Whoohoo!

Northern Lights & full moon over Kenny Lake, Alaska

It's been a beautiful week in Kenny Lake! With temps rising above 40 degrees people are out and about. Lovely spring weather is pushing GerTee 2007 ahead of schedule. I'm thinking now of making this one the musuem and starting collecting items and creating an inventory asap.

We're almost ready to officially launch Sharondipity's Shopping Mall. Be sure to let us know if you have a business you'd like to add to our mall. We also need your local links, and anyone interested in learning to use our ezsite program to upload to the website is welcome to come learn. Many of the community pages needs some TLC from local volunteers.

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rockman said...

Oh, Kenny Lake brings back memories. I was there in the winter of 1980 and held religious services at the Kenny Lake community building. The services were hosted by Vic Young and his wife who lived at mile marker #19.
I spent some weeks there and remember at #19 as you go toward Chitna off about 200 feet or so was a sucking sound of air. I looked and looked and finally found an old abandoned 6 or 8 inch well casing with a cap and a hole in it. Air was being sucked down into the shaft and made a whistling noise. You know it sucked air like that for a week. Must be a real big cavity down there somewhere? Went down to Chitna and did some fishing and caught my first king salmon there. Wow, the Copper is really swift there. Came back the next year in July when the fire-weed had not started to turn red. This time the well casing was blowing air. My friend Vic Young told me it was because of a low pressure area over us. Went down to Chitna again then took the long ride to Kennicott mines. Wow, what a ride and what a view. Arrived before the glacier flood. Went across on the pull cart trolly. Stayed the night in a bed and breakfast. Then next day climbed up to the top of the mountain where the old cable cars once were laden with copper ore. The wooden buildings were badly damaged. I scouted around through them. And then came upon a rock, large one with the strange blue-like color. My friend jumped up on top and summoned me to come and see the view. I climbed up but when I saw a shear drop off several thousand feet I got dissy and laid down and slid backward off that rock. We could see for miles and miles. One think I saw which was neat, was over in the distance to my right I could see a mountain range. It seemed that clouds formed right out of the top of them and headed our way. My friend explained that this was the where warm Pacific air was meeting the cooler interior and condensing and forming the clouds which would then head on down to the lower 48. We came down and arrived back at the bed and breakfast after dark. That night I heard a roaring outside. I got my friend up and he said it must be the glacier lake had burst through. We went down to the trolly place and wow, the water that was coming through there was wild and wicked. When we went across later that day on the pull trolly I was kind a scared with that demonic water just a few feet under me. Made it back to Jerry Poor's place on the Richardson highway and there had some split pea and ham soup. Then we made in on back to Valdez. This is a trip everyone should make. And do, stop in Kenny Lake. I met a lot of beautiful people there. Sorry I could not stay for the winter festival when they chop logs. I would love to come back again. Have not been there since 2002. God bless all you wonderful people there in Kenny Lake.

Pastor G. Reckart