Friday, January 4, 2008

National Premises ID coming to rural Alaska

According to local first-hand reports, Copper River area farmers have already been "asked" to fill in these voluntary premise ID forms. What exactly does voluntary mean to a communitarian? One way to find out is to see how other places implement these voluntary type of programs.

Officials in North Carolina tied emergency purchases of hay to their new version of voluntary:

"Hay buyers must have an N.C. Farm ID Premises Identification Number. If you do not have one, download the registration form (PDF file), fill it out and bring it with you to a distribution site. This will start the Farm ID registration process and qualify you to purchase hay."

For local news and updates on the emerging National Animal IDentification System, visit Alaskans Against the NAIS,


Jason & Anne said...

Anyone know of good land for sale in the area where I can build a summer cabin?

the tent lady said...

There are several landowners out here who have subdivided their property into smaller lots for sale on the grid. How much land are you looking for and do you want it near/on a maintained road? Have you tried yet to contact the elusive realtor who covers this area out of Copper Center?

snowbunny said...

Where exactly are these land owners advertising their property? We would really like to purchase some acres in Kenny Lake area. We have only found 1-2 on and 1 on the copper river realestate website. Thank you

the tent lady said...

The Winninghams have listed their lots for sale at 7.4 mile Edgerton Hwy, Kenny Lake, AK on ebay.